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Is a deck the answer to extending your indoor living space, pushing it outside? Do you live in a climate that is warm several months out of the year?

Reasons to build a deck might include:

  • Entertaining

  • Dining

  • As a pool or spa surround

  • Privacy

  • Container gardening or growing a patio garden close to the house


Often, a limited property size dictates where a deck will be built: on the only spot in the yard available, wherever that may be. If you have more room to work with and are lucky enough to have a few choices on where to build a deck, then consider yourself fortunate. Luck aside, the location for your deck may be decided by:

  • Size of lot

  • Microclimates

  • Sun and shade

  • Wind

  • Rain and snow

  • View*

  • Privacy

  • Proximity to house


Although it's historically the original and most popular choice, wood is not the only decking material available. So, what is available?

  • Weather-Resistant Woods, like redwood, cedar, cypress and the increasingly popular ipe.

  • Pressure-Treated Woods, Treated lumber, which contains wood and preservatives.

  • Hardwoods, like teakipe and Brazilian hardwoods.

  • Composite Decking, which is made of recycled plastic and wood fiber.

  • Alternatives, like plastic and aluminum, which both use recycled products.